Enjoy Your Laguna Beach Home Without Those Unsightly

Laguna Beach is a picturesque coastal city in southern California, known for its stunning beaches, beautiful cliffs, and vibrant arts scene. However, with a growing population and increasing demands on household appliances, there is a need for efficient and timely appliance removal services.
Do you have unwanted appliances in your home that you would like to get rid of? Let the team at Tidy Junk Removal take care of it for you.

The Appliances We Remove

At Tidy Junk Removal, we’re equipped to handle a wide range of household and commercial appliances, including:


Washing machines






Air conditioners

Water heaters

And many more!

We understand that different appliances have different disposal requirements and regulations, so you can trust us to comply with local laws and ensure that your appliances are disposed of safely and responsibly. Don’t see your appliance listed? Let us know, and we can take care of it!

20230707 112627 1 Appliance Removal | Laguna Beach, CA
20221221 111856 Appliance Removal | Laguna Beach, CA

Why Choose Tidy Junk Removal in Laguna Beach, CA

There are several reasons why we are the go-to service provider for appliance removal in Laguna Beach, CA:

Experienced professionals

Our team of experts is well-versed in removing and disposing of various appliances, ensuring that our methods are both safe and efficient.

Environmentally conscious

We’re dedicated to responsible disposal practices and the recycling of appliances whenever possible. This helps minimize the negative impact on our beautiful environment.

Flexible scheduling

We understand that time is precious, so we offer convenient appointment times to suit your busy schedule.

Affordable pricing

Our competitive pricing and transparent quotes ensure you get the best value for your money without any hidden costs.

Our Simple and Easy 4-Step Appliance Removal Process

Taking care of those unwanted appliances has never been easier. We make it simple with our 4-step process

Schedule an appointment

Give us a call or book online, and let us know when we can come over to remove your appliance.

Our team arrives

Our friendly, professional staff will arrive at your home on the scheduled date and time.

We remove

We’ll quickly and safely get rid of your appliance with minimal disruption to your home.


That’s it! Your unwanted appliance is gone, and you’re free to reclaim the space it was taking up in your house.

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Don’t Wait Another Minute – Call Tidy Junk Removal Today

When it comes to appliance removal in Laguna Beach, CA, look no further than Tidy Junk Removal. Our team of experienced professionals, environmentally friendly practices, and competitive pricing make us the ideal choice for all appliance removal needs.
Don’t let your unwanted appliances clutter your beautiful Laguna Beach home – contact us today and let us help you maintain a tidy living space.

20230707 112627 1 Appliance Removal | Laguna Beach, CA

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